Design Process

Initial Consultation and Site Visit

At this meeting, Nancy will tour your existing landscape and discuss your requirements and objectives. She will provide you with a checklist when the appointment is set to help you prepare and get the most out of the consultation. It is also crucial to discuss a general budget at this first meeting, as this will define the way Nancy will proceed with the design of your landscape. It is critical to discuss budget early in the process to ensure that your wishlist for the new landscape and your actual budget are in alignment. If there is a substantial gap between what you want, and what it costs to do, Nancy will discuss ways to achieve your wishlist within your actual budget.


Site Analysis and Measurement

This will be the second visit where Nancy will take photographs and measure the property to create a base map, which becomes the basis of your design. This will also be another opportunity to gather site information such as sun and shade patterns, evaluation of existing plants and the influence of surrounding properties.


Preliminary Concept Plans

Nancy will meet again to present plan view drawings showing various options for the style and overall layout of the garden. She will include sketches and photographs to help you visualize the design. Also at this meeting, Nancy will provide a list of recommended plants with photos of each plant to facilitate the plant selection process.


Final Landscape Hardscape Plan

This is a detailed drawing, drafted to scale, that incorporates any modifications discussed at the previous concept meeting and depicts the layout of all garden elements, types of materials to be used and notes on design requirements. This document serves as your landscape plan, and can be used by your contractor to bid on and install your project.


Planting Plan

This is a working drawing from which the garden can actually be planted. It will indicate botanical and common names of all plants, exact location, quantities and sizes, as well as installation notes. A plant portfolio with photographs and growing information is also provided, if desired.


Contractor Selection and Installation Services

At the end of this process, you will have what you need to work with a contractor on installing your design. Landesigns will also project manage and provide site observation services to keep your project running smoothly.